New in Mommyland! Or not…

What’s that saying? “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Or something like that… It seems to be the motto here in Mommyland. We always seem to be short in something; money, time, sanity. (Mostly sanity.) But we always manage to muddle through. And then there are those days where you get to sit back, relax, and everything goes right, and you look at your family and go, “Huh. Life’s not that bad after all.”

Today? Is not one of those days. It’s a normal day in Casa Loco, complete with screaming, whining, demands, injuries (this time it was me, go me!), and so forth. But as I sat down to write a massive rant, I realized what my mother tried telling me over and over when she was alive: “This, too, shall pass.” And it shall. Sure, more crazy may replace it, but at least my life will never be boring. I have beautiful, healthy kids. I have a man I love desperately. I have two new fuzzballs to love on. And while they may try to drive me nuts (short trip — literally, get in the car, get out of the car, cause I’m already there, baby!) they love me, and I love them.

And holy crapola, that was sappy! Eh, it happens. Moving on…

The two new fuzzballs? Azriel and Uriel, two kittens we adopted after walking out of Kroger a couple of weeks ago. Yes, we’re suckers. No, I don’t care. They’re cute, and I missed having cats around. They’re siblings; Azriel is a boy, and Uriel is a girl. No, I didn’t know this when we took them… the lady and I thought they were both boys, until I realized that the poofy on Uriel’s butt was a fur patch, not boy bits. Woops! Thankfully, they aren’t sexually mature yet, so we can wait until next month to get them fixed (you know, when we actually have money to spare) so that’s good. But yeah, major fail on my part. (Again, do I care? Not really! Are we sensing a theme yet?)

Azriel, the naughty boy on my laptop...

Azriel, the naughty boy on my laptop...

Uriel, my pretty girl...

Uriel, my pretty girl...

Ignore the hideous couch and messy house. I have tried (in vain) to do away with both, but alas, I have been unsuccessful. Hopefully when we move at the beginning of next year, we can get rid of some of the clutter. (I laugh as I type this, because my man is a packrat. Those of you who live with packrats will understand. Those of you who do not… wanna trade?)

On top of new fuzzballs, Mari is starting to try to crawl. I say “try to” because she has more success moving backward than forward, and gets so excited when she manages to push up on all fours that she excitedly rocks herself right over. It’s quite funny, actually. Until she, like her mother, gets so frustrated at not being able to accomplish her goal that she starts screaming.  This is actually one reason I try to limit playing games that do not have excessive save points to a bare minimum. If I have to start ALL OVER one more FRICKEN TIME somebody’s gonna die. And I cannot promise they will be pixelated.

So all in all, life isn’t so bad. Sometimes you just need to step back to see it.


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