Woo hoo! … Aw, crap.

So after my mom died in ’09, I got all her stuff, being the only child and all. Which would have been much more impressive (and arduous, moving it from damn near halfway across the country) if my grandfather hadn’t chucked most of her belongings when he and my grandmother “helped” her move from FL to TN. Yeah, I put “helped” in sarcastic little bunny ears. Why? Because he threw away some really awesome/sentimental/useful things without so much as calling anyone to see if, y’know, maybe we wanted to save it from the scrap heap. Or taking five seconds to wonder if my mother might want to keep it. But nah, she was only battling cancer… it wasn’t like she needed emotional stability or anything. (I may be a smidge bitter about this subject…)

Anyway, the point to this mini-story is I inherited her computer. It’s not a bad computer, it’s just not nearly new enough to run the more demanding programs. So it never really got set up or anything. Mom used it for business, which didn’t require anything but an Internet connection, MS Office, and a few other low-profile programs. It was perfect for her (read: cheap and easily ordered from Dell.com) but it wouldn’t do much I was interested in. We don’t even have an ethernet cable to hook it up to the Internet, for gods’ sake.

But then, as I chased my munchkins away from the computer for the 234027345722477th time, I had a brilliant idea. It can’t get online. It isn’t up to spec, and it sure as shit isn’t worth spending the money to make it that way. It has TONS of free space because Mom didn’t store much more than simple documents on it. If it crapped out tomorrow, I certainly wouldn’t cry over it. It’s perfect for my children! So I downloaded some old educational programs, procrastinated setting it up for a few weeks because I couldn’t find another power strip and I kept forgetting to get one at the store, finally got a power strip, set it all up, and installed the software. Other than the rather steep learning curve for Raven with the program’s interface, it was a huge hit. It literally kept them entertained for HOURS. I got things done around the house. I had five minutes to myself. I’m pretty sure I hit the parenting jackpot.

Then the “aw, crap” part hit. Four days into Parenting Heaven, the mouse stopped working. When I realized it was dead, I actually hung my head and mourned, just a little. Then I remembered I have spares of keyboards and mice from all the old computers, both those owned by Andrew and I (all of two) and those I inherited from my mother (a metric fuckton). I won’t lie, there was happy dancing involved. Except… I can’t find them. Any of them. I may have cried a little. On the inside. On the outside, there was much swearing and pulling of hair. So now I have to either dig through the crapload of stuff in the storage unit for a single, solitary mouse, or convince Andrew to buy a cheap-o mouse so I can go back to actually having peace and quiet on a regular basis. Hmmm, yeah, I wonder which of those will happen.


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