Flats Challenge

So, part of the reason I cloth diaper is because Mari reacts to 99% of disposables. Some reactions are bad, like an hour in them makes her redder than a boiled lobster, and some reactions aren’t so bad, but I still don’t want my kid uncomfortable if she doesn’t have to be, you know? We found (when the washer and dryer down the hall broke!) that Earth’s Best Baby diapers are safe for her. Which is good to know, of course, for those times when disposables are preferable. Like the ungodly yeast rash she’s just recovered from… ugh. But I still prefer cloth. I’m not super-eco-friendly-supreme or anything, but I like knowing I contribute less to landfills, sure. I’m more about function than cuteness, but I love that they’re cute, yes. But mostly, I just like knowing that no matter what diaper I happen to buy for her, no matter which one I pick out to slap on her little booty, that she’s not going to be screaming in pain some time later. That the company isn’t going to change their formula (thanks, Pampers /sarcasm) and the once-reliable diapers are now evil and I’ve wasted ungodly amounts of money on the econo-box because it’s cheapest.  Cloth diapers are completely natural. I don’t have to worry about chemical compositions changing. If the description online says it’s made with cotton, it’s made of freakin cotton. I don’t have to worry about whatever crap the manufacturing process, or the shipping, left on the diapers, because I wash them in water hot enough that I can barely touch it, and not just once, either. There’s nothing left on those suckers when I’m done with them.

For simplicity, and to get her daddy on-board readily, I chose to go for pockets. Prefolds were ok, but if they hadn’t come with the covers, I wouldn’t have bothered after the first few I ordered. Trifolded, they didn’t catch poop, which meant we had to change the cover every time. That defeated the savings of having many prefolds and only a few covers. But folding them around baby was difficult once she got wiggly, and I couldn’t fold them ahead of time, so they took longer. (“Prefold” is a bit of a misnomer, in my opinion, since you still have to fold them to put them on baby. Padded flat might be better.) Pockets are pretty much disposables when it comes to change time. Just fasten and go. Yes, I have to stuff them, but by making the shell and the absorbent parts separate, washing is more effective and drying time is much shorter. It was the best of both worlds.

For some reason, though, the few flats I had were still my favorite. Andrew didn’t mind taking them off and dealing with them, but he wasn’t a fan of putting them on her. He could, just preferred not to. I respected his preference, and always made sure I used flats myself and left pockets for him. (They’re mine, all mine!!!! *giggle* Yeah, I didn’t mind so much.) But I never bought more flats because it seemed silly to buy them just for me. We used pockets for ease of travel, middle-of-the-night changes, alternate caregivers, and Andrew himself. It made sense to just use pockets, period. I do like them, don’t get me wrong! They’re fast and easy during the change, and I can stuff them while watching TV, so not really a big deal. Yes, they take longer to dry, and are a bit harder to wash thoroughly (I’ve had to wash them twice before when really soiled), but the good outweighs the bad by quite a bit. I’m happy enough with our choice.

But the flat love. *sigh* It just doesn’t go away. I love how they look on her — clean, classic lines — and honestly, I think they catch poop even better than the gussets on the pockets. So when I saw the Flats Challenge from Dirty Diaper Laundry, I jumped at the chance to buy more flats. And hey, part of the challenge is hand washing, so I’m not spending any extra in laundry. Hard to argue! I just wanted an excuse, but we won’t speak of that… So I entered an Interest Form, told Andrew I wanted to do it, and am now trying to figure out what kinds of flats I want to use. Yay! *happy dance*


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