Halfway there!

After 4 hours of sewing (give or take… there were small children around, and that always slows things down) I finally finished the first half of my flat diapers! What took so long, you ask? Well, measuring and cutting that many diapers is time consuming by itself. But it was the fact that I wasn’t just getting the flats, but also some soakers (yay!) and a handful of wipes that took the longest. All those cuts… Oy vey.

I overcast the edges of my fabric on my flats so they wouldn’t unravel on me, then I stacked, sewed, trimmed, and finished the edges on my soakers, and finally with some of the scraps that weren’t big enough to be soakers, I sewed and finished some wipes. Overall, for 12 yards of fabric, I got quite a bit with very very little waste. I always feel like I’m throwing away money when I have a bunch of big-ish scraps, but since I don’t quilt and patchwork stuff makes my eyes bleed (the sewing it, not the finished product), I often keep pieces I never do anything with. I ended up with 12 flats, 29 4-piece-thick soakers, and close to a dozen wipes.

Animal Print Cloth DiapersIgnore the OSB background. That’s the beginnings of my sewing table. 🙂

I got two yards of each of the 6 fabrics, and they’re all super cute. It’s hard to tell from the picture. I have 12 more yards waiting for me, though. 2 yards of blue fairy fabric, 3 yards of night sky fabric, and 5 yards of the cutest brown and pink patterned fabric that I’m not exactly sure how to describe! What I’ve got so far is good enough for day-to-day diapering of Mari, and once I’m done with the other half I should be able to add Raven in, too. Yay for flats!


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